Litter A

Shirkiana Amira x Ikimba Zesiro

Shirkiana AmiraIkimba Zesiro


Today I proudly wish to anounce my stud for my first litter. I have chosen Ikimba Zesiro (owner Pia Buschhaus)!

I saw Zabo hatte for the first time in Dortmund (october 2007) and was completely enthusiastic. Zabo belongs in my opinion to the studs, in which it is not necessary to look downwards to confirm that it is really a stud.

Zabo is a complete substancefull stud, with a really incredibe, friendly nature, with first class angulations and an excellent topline.
The pictures in the Gallery of the finnish Boy speak for themselves, I think.

Ikimba Zesiro "Zabo"

Parents: Ikimba Ushanga & Can.Ch.Fin.MVA.Am.Ch. Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh
Date of litter: 11.09.2005, Fin 46191/05
HD A2, ED/OCD free
Breeder: Marianne Gellin (Fin)
Size: 69 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Dark eyes
Color: red wheaten, without mask
Breed permission from 23.9.2007 in the Club E.L.S.A./VDH /Richter Burkhard Seibel(D) without restriction

I promise myself from this match healthy, strong character puppies, which from my point of view in the exterior will be from good substance and attractive.
These puppies will be furthermore raised and socialized with support of my midwife (Pia Buschhaus).

The puppies will be bred exclusively at home and will be constantly surrounded by us people. They will be confronted with different situations, noises, men, women, children, Babies, driving in cars, swimming, etc., to become well mannered and brave lion hunters.

When they are 7-8 weeks old we will decide together with the future Rhodesian Ridgeback parents, which puppy is most appropriate for each family.

Outr puppies are correctly according to regulations dewormed, gechippt, vaccinated and receive a VDH/FCI pedigree and will be delivered by a breeder from the Club ELSA /VDH to the new owner after completion of the ninth week after the acceptance of the litter.

Finally I wish to thank Pia Buschaus really warmly, who made these incredibly male dog available, who became a good friend to me and who allways supported me with advice and actions (even if I am sometimes annoying) – thank you very much Pia!!!

Litter Statistics
Date of birth 24.03.2009
Puppies/SEX 8/1
Puppies without Ridge 0/0
Ridge- and/or Crown fault 0/0
Fault of tail 0/1
Teeth fault 0/0
DS 0/0